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Scenic Byway 12: Utah's First All-American Highway

Scenic Byway 12: Utah's First All-American Highway

Scenic Byway 12, Utah’s first All-American Road, meanders 124 miles across a richly varied landscape and serves as the main route for this remote and rugged region of the Colorado Plateau. It passes through both Garfield and Wayne Counties in southern Utah, through red rock hoodoos, high plateaus, and tiny rural communities. This landscape is home to several ecosystems, from sagebrush flats to ponderosa pine forests and slick rock deserts to quaking aspen stands. Elevations range from 4,000 feet at the Escalante River to 11,000 feet at the top of Boulder Mountain. Along the way, there are two national parks, three state parks, a national recreation area, and a national monument. Views along this route are breathtaking. The experience of driving Scenic Byway 12 makes an impression to last a lifetime. Scenic Byway 12 was the last major highway built in the state of Utah, providing access to some of the most isolated communities in the West. It not only connects but also defines this region. Take your time and enjoy the riches beyond your windshield by traveling with this tour guide while experiencing this remarkable corridor.

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