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Voices and Votes: Democracy in America

A Smithsonian Digital Exhibit

August 8 - September 20,  2020


Special Guest Lecture

DArrell Marks

How do we vote? That question has many meanings. For some it means getting access to information about candidates and issues related to the community, for others, it's simple guidance, but for those in extremely rural areas like the Navajo Reservation, it can even become a question of ability.

Guest speaker, Darrell marks, recounts his personal experiences growing up in a culture of strong political engagement, often despite harsh challenges of geography and accessibility.

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Arizona Humanities, in partnership with Museum on Main Street, hosts the traveling exhibition, Voices and Votes: Democracy in America. Explore the evolution of this uniquely American concept from colonial emancipation to modern political practices. Each week, we take you through a new section of the exhibit to discuss themes and historical context for many of the current topics we see today.

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Colorado River History

Learn about the life of Major John Wesley Powell and his expeditions down the Colorado River in 1869 and 1871. Also on display are chronicles of more recent Colorado River history, adventures, and tourism.


Construction of Glen Canyon Dam & History of Page, AZ

View photographs of Page’s beginning in the late 1950s and early 1960s and listen to the voices of early residents. From the humble beginnings of a dam-construction site, a town was born. It continues to grow into a thriving multicultural base for visitors and local residents.


Cultural History

See art and artifacts from the time of the Ancestral Puebloans and Hisatsinom through modern-day Native American cultures of the Colorado Plateau. Try your hand at grinding corn with the prehistoric metate (base) and mano (hand-held) stones.


Geology & Paleontology

Geology and paleontology. Delight in the wonder of the ancient time of dinosaurs in our paleontology and geology displays. Examine specimens that were excavated near Page in the Grand Staircase ~ Escalante National Monument for a 90-million-year-old step back in time!