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Image by Paul Van Cotthem

Adopt • a • Species

Symbolically adopt a native species to support research and monitoring on 3 million acres of public lands.  

A wide variety of native wildlife exists in and around Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Rainbow Bridge National Monument and Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. Researchers are working to uncover some of the big questions we have about our wild heritage and they need your help. By symbolically adopting one of the two species below, you support ongoing efforts to understand and conserve our nation's treasured animals and insects.

Adopt • a • Bat

Bats contribute millions of dollars annually to the American agriculture industry. They can consume many times their own body weight in insects making them a fantastic pest control option for crops. Their nutrient rich droppings also act as fertilizer. Nectar loving bats even boost the tequila industry and promote biodiversity among agave plants making them better protected against crop diseases.

Today, bats are facing a number of threats. From White Nose Syndrome to poor representation, bats are in danger. In Glen Canyon, researchers are monitoring native species for life threatening diseases and educating visitors on the important role bats play in our eco-system.

By adopting a bat, you directly help fund field research. Every adoption comes with a plush brown bat, adoption certificate, and information of bats of Glen Canyon.

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Adopt • a • Lizard


Reptiles and amphibians are simultaneously the most often spotted yet elusive inhabitants of the Grand Staircase. Although a wide variety of lizards, snakes, skinks, toads, and frogs all share the plateaus and canyons of southern Utah, relatively little is known about them.​

Field researchers are putting together a more complete picture of these creatures and their environmental needs through catch and release monitoring to collect data on species present in the area and their health. Studies are also being conducted to see how adaptive management for other species - like native sage grouse - affects reptiles and amphibians.

By adopting a lizard, you directly help fund field research. Every adoption comes with a hand painted model Collared Lizard, adoption certificate, and information on herpetology research in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

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